Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Winning Them Over...One Dishcloth at a Time!

I have a co-worker, Candid, whom I adore, who can be...well...a wee bit snarky...which might be why I enjoy her so much. She says what she thinks, bluntly and honestly...if you ask her opinion, you have to be sure you want it because there will be no sugar coating.

She has been quite honest with me about my knitting. She thinks it is perfectly ridiculous for someone young, such as myself, to sit at home knitting and watching movies. She is not exactly a knitting nay-sayer, because she thinks it is fine that I know how to knit, and has even admired things that I have made...she mostly just objects to the frequency of my knitting.

Candid once commented that she didn't understand my dishcloths. She is a sponge sort of gal. She thought they were too pretty to use, and frankly a waste of time. I assured her they were quite utilitarian, more sanitary than a sponge, and completely washable. Then I asked her what color her kitchen things were.

I made her a quick dishcloth out of tan cotton in the Movie Theater I pattern. She took it home, washed some dishes, came back, and agreed that it did work...but that she was reserving judgment until she had washed it.

Now she can't stop RAVING about how wonderful it is. Not only does it wash, it actually works better now that it has been washed a time or two. She can't imagine why she ever used a sponge.

Another knitting nay-sayer won over! (2.3 billion left to go!)

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Deb said...

Good for you. You should do a hobby that makes you happy and if its knitting, than knit away!