Friday, July 17, 2009

Decorative AND Useful

When I was working on the wedding present for Starlet, I intended on making a set of dishcloths AND a dish towel. I completed the dishcloths, purchased dish soap and rubber gloves, but didn't get the dish towel finished.

So, I took it to camp, where I diligently worked on it every chance I got. While working on it , I was repeatedly asked what it was. When I answered a dish towel, I was met with surprise. One person even went so far as to say it was too pretty to be a dish towel. (This made me momentarily consider lengthening it into a wrap and keeping it for myself. However, I muscled past my selfish tendencies, and continued working it as planned.)

Unfortunately it was not done in time for the wedding, and since Starlet didn't know that she was supposed to get a dish towel too, I left it out of the gift bag.

It is now finished, and truly is almost Too Pretty. So I am calling it the Too Pretty Dish Towel. The pattern is from Mason-Dixon's first book, with the only alteration being that I made it solid instead of striped. The yarn is Grace by Patons in "Amethyst"...a 100% mercerized cotton. It is silky soft, and will hopefully wash well.

It should be both decorative AND useful in Starlet's new kitchen...once I stop petting it long enough to actually give it to her!

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