Saturday, July 11, 2009

Supersonic Superknitter!

Today was the last day of camp. Which was kind of sad. I had a great, albeit exhausting, time. ending doesn't mean that counselors can just skedaddle. No! We have end of camp duties, like cabin checks, and camper checks, etc. Which would be fine if that was all I had to do today.

But it wasn't.

Immediately following camp, I had to (without breaking the law) speed home, shower (cause I was dirty having spent a week at camp), and then continue down the freeway to a wedding. (It was a nice wedding too, not one of those backyard flip flop affairs...I had to put some effort into my appearance!)

I made it though, and the wedding was lovely. The bride was beautiful.

But, you may be wondering, what does all this have to do with knitting? Isn't this a knitting blog?

Well, of course it is. The bride, Starlet, and groom are now the proud owners of a set of 4 dishcloths. (Along with coordinating fancy schmancy dish soap and a pair of rubber gloves...I am all about coordinating gifts!)

(To further complain...I went straight from the wedding to Brother and Sis-In-Law's house. Any excuse to get out of doing camp laundry!)

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