Thursday, July 23, 2009

Harry Potter

I am going to go see Harry Potter tonight with Blondie. I am very excited since I am the only person in my family/circle of friends who has not seen it. (My work schedule and gimp-status kept me from going sooner.)

I am racking my brain to figure out what knitting should accompany me.

Should I take a project that I have been working on for eons, a project that has a deadline (quickly approaching), or a new project altogether?

I feel like I ought to work on something out of my Harry Potter knitting book, but none of those patterns are really of the brain-free nature that a Potter movie requires...and I don't have yarn on hand, so would have to go shopping...which isn't necessarily a bad thing...

I could always work on a coffee cup cozy for the gift stash, since they are the definition of brain-free...only I would finish the cozy before the movie ended.

Dishcloths are another option...but how boring is that? And I am a wee bit dishclothed out.


I don't know.

I'll figure it out.

It is so difficult being me sometimes!

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