Friday, July 3, 2009

The Camp Dilemma

I am, as of 6:00 pm yesterday, on vacation until 9:00 am on July 16th.

I will spend the majority of this vacation as a counselor at the Northern California Florida College Booster Camp in Felton, CA. I am VERY excited. This is my first time ever being a counselor, and I am also going to be one of four team leaders for sports! (I know, that is totally out of character...athletics are not my strong point...but Director says I only have to cheer/coordinate kids, not actually participate!)

The camp dilemma is...knitting.

The issue isn't whether or not I will knit. I don't think I could actually make it the whole week without knitting. The issues are what I will be knitting and how many projects I should take.

I had planned on taking Blondie's graduation/going away present to work on, but that may get a little large for carting around to sports fields. I also thought I would take a pair of socks, of the plain boring brain-free variety, which would be smaller. Still, neither one is very good for the possibly dirty/dusty conditions. Also, well, I know me. If people see me knitting (which they will), and want to try, I will have to teach. There may be dozens of young folk just begging to be taught. I can't teach them on a sock. I can't let newbies work on Blondie's present. What to do?

I guess I can take several spare sets of size 6 and 7 needles and a bag of dishcloth yarn. It would be cheap, and a dishcloth could feasibly be doable for a kid in a week.

If I take too much yarn I won't have room for clothes. This could be a problem.

(Another problem may be blogging...not sure how that will work out without a computer...although I will have my iphone...maybe we will just have VERY brief entries!)

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