Saturday, March 28, 2009


Earlier today, I went with Blondie and +H to the Great Mall in Milpitas to shop for a dress for Blondie to wear as "guest book attendant" at an upcoming wedding.

Blondie is not shy. Neither is +H. Nor do they care what people think of them.

As we left Kohl's and walked out into the mall proper, Blondie began to sing. Loud. Top of her lungs loud. And dance.

I believe the song was "Do You Love Me?", but that might have been later. (She sang several times throughout the afternoon.

I on the other hand, trailed after the two of them. Quietly amused. Self-contained. Knitting a sock. (The yarn ball was in my purse.)

People, understandably, were turning to stare as we walked by.

That's when I heard a woman, with a shocked gasp, elbow her boyfriend/husband/brother and say:

"Can you believe her? She's knitting."


It might just be me, but in the above situation, which should draw more public censure and criticism? The quiet knitter, or the boisterous teenager?

People are so weird.

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