Friday, March 13, 2009

Finally, Someone is Having A Girl!

That sweater, that lovely peach baby sweater, the one that I have been avoiding like the bubonic plague ever since I realized I had to frog back about 3 rows, is finally going to have to be faced.

All of my friends, up until now, have very accommodatingly all been expecting boys. Until now. Both Dessert and Belle are expecting girls now. Also, Red doesn't know what she is having, but it might be a girl. So the excuse of no baby to knit for is now out the window.

I do have the added excuse of my book with the pattern being in the display case at the library...but while that might keep me from moving forward, it can't really keep me from frogging back. (Besides, the display comes down tomorrow, so not much of an excuse.)

In other words, I am going to have to bite the bullet and frog. The impending babies are just the motivation (gun to the head) that I needed.

I will put it off a few hours longer though. I am babysitting Ark and Fish for Belle tonight, so I think I will wait until then. Maybe being faced with as-yet-unborn Blossom's big brothers will give me an additional kick in the pants.

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