Sunday, March 15, 2009

B1's Birthday Beret

B1's birthday beret is finally finished! And only 3 months after her actual birthday! Actually, it isn't as bad as it sounds. We didn't get a chance to buy the yarn for it until the convention a couple weeks ago. So, it has actually only taken me 2 weeks to make. That's amazing considering the end of quarter projects and everything that I've had going on.

She wanted it done before her trip to FL. It is done before her trip to FL. That's all that matters.

As to the particulars: I made "Le Slouch." It's a great pattern that I got off Wendy Bernard's blog. It is one of her freebies, and is actually amazing to make. It is well written, very stylish, fairly easy, and fun. I appreciated that a lot of it was "brain-free" knitting...knit seed stitch in the round for 4 inches or so, for example. This made it great for American Idol night or school lectures.

The yarn was purchased, as I mentioned earlier, when we went to the Stitches West Convention. It is Full Thread Ahead's 100% Merino Jewels DK in Garnet. It had a great color and feel, but not the right weight, so I actually knit with two strands held together at once. The only tricky bit was after I had used all of the first 2 balls, since the whole thing only took three. I had to divide the last one in half, kind of a pain...but worth it.

B1 had asked for a beret a la Kirsten Dunst in Elizabethtown. I think that I was able to deliver that. The beret is slouchier than I had originally intended (even though I quit knitting after 5 inches instead of the 6 in the pattern), but she was happy, so I am happy.

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