Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why I Have A Tub-O-Scarves

Sometimes our house is cold...

It's a big house and it takes a lot of energy to heat it. This is a waste since normally, by midday, it is warm enough outside that the house heats up.

However, mornings and nights it is CHILLY!!!

My tub-o-scarves (and hats), is currently residing in Berkeley's room while we go through the process of room swapping. I went in there the other morning and discovered this:

A very chilly Berkeley bundled up in my seed-stitch gnome hat and neon Shaft scarf. (She wasn't actually dancing around at the time, more hunched over shivering. The dance was for the benefit of the camera.)

Had the tub-o-scarves not been there, I might have instead stumbled upon Berkeley, curled up on the floor, dead from frost-bite or exposure.

Instead, by providing the tub-o-scarves, I have enabled us to be a green, energy-saving, happy, and living family!

...btw I am going to make her her own version of the gnome hat to take to Brazil when she moves there. Since the seasons in South America are backward, it will be useful summer knitting for me and useful winter wearing for her.

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