Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm Just A Girl Who Can't Say No!

I have been commissioned by the branch manager at work to make...fanfare please...MORE BABY BURP RAGS!

Apparently the library assistant who was in my position before me just gave birth to twin boys...2 1/2 months early. My manager wanted to get her a Babies 'R Us gift card and some handmade items. I am the only person at the library who makes handmade anything. She asked how long baby blankets would take, and I told her that I honestly didn't know...that I usually make burp rags for people since they are both utilitarian and speedy.

(Thankfully the Miss-A, the children's librarian, reminded my manager that in addition to working full time, I also have personal projects I work on, AND a full graduate course load. Bless her!)

My manager agreed at this point that burp rags would be lovely, was overjoyed to learn that I make them out of cotton instead of acrylic, and requested that I make a couple in blues and white. She said that I would be reimbursed for supplies and time.

So now... in addition to the SEVEN friends/family members who are pregnant and deserving of handknits...I have MORE baby gifts to make for someone I have never even met!

(Bright side: burp rags make good brainless knitting during school lectures, and I don't have to have them till the end of May since the babies are in NICU till then!(not that the babies being in NICU is a bright side, just the far off deadline.))

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