Friday, April 17, 2009

Knitting Nay-Sayers

It is odd to me when OTHER people have an issue with my constant public displays of knitting.

When I am out with friends at the movies, or a restaurant, or on public transportation...I try to ask them if they mind if I knit. Most of them don't. Some I no longer even need to ask. Still, I recognize that other people have not reached the same comfort threshold for being stared at that I have. (For example, if SoCalGal's husband is out with us...the needles stay in the purse.) This doesn't bother me.

However, when people make fun or mock me at private gatherings in my own home, or the homes of friends or family...I am a wee bit perturbed. If there are no strangers around to pass judgment, why does it matter?

It is that singular group of people who not only don't knit, but that seem averse to my knitting, that really irk me. Especially when that same group of people reads things into my knitting. Examples:

1.I am being anti-social. Nope...I am actually able to fully engage in conversations, movie watching, game playing, and general frivolity while knitting.

2.I am wasting time.Nope...I am actually being productive while doing other generally time-wasting activities. (Such as watching tv.)

3.I am acting old. Nope...the stereotype of old knitters is ridiculous. Yes, your grandmother knit when you were younger. But guess what, she probably knit when she was my age too!

In short: I knit because it calms me, I knit because it helps me focus and retain information, I knit because I have no patience and it gives me something to do with my hands, I knit because it is a way to connect with people, I knit because it is a charitable work that I can do, but mostly...I knit because it's fun.

And what do I do about all those knitting nay-sayers? I make them scarves!
(If you can't convince them with them over with warmth and wool!)

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