Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And It's About Time, Too!


It only took me, what, two years to do?

I think it is adorable.

Now I just need to decide which baby this one goes to.

Unlike past years, everyone this year appears to be having a girl.

I am pretty sure it will end up going to Blossom since I used Ark and Fish for motivation.

Once I got past the mental block about this sweater, it actually was quite simple to knit. Also, fairly fast and appropriate for television knitting. The biggest hurdle was actually finding ribbon to use as ties. The color is too peach for most pinks, and too pink for most peaches. I ended up waiting to do the making up till I was home for grad school last weekend. (I had exhausted all ribbon resources in my area, so decided to try the ones in WA. Funny...I ended up knitting ties in the end anyway!)

I already have yarn in stash to make a couple more. But I will be smart, and make sure I can find ribbon for them BEFORE casting on.

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