Wednesday, January 27, 2010

They Came!

On January 19, I had a teen knitting program scheduled at the other library branch.

No one came. Which had NEVER happened before.

There were several logical explanations for this: one of our display signs had the wrong date; Ya-Ya had been sick and unable to promote it as much as normal; it was the first day back to school after a three day weekend.; etc...

So, we rescheduled it for yesterday...and this time people actually showed up!

Two very nice tween girls actually. One of them knew how to knit, but wanted some support and encouragement. She brought a scarf that she had started and I helped her fix a couple of mistakes, and showed her how to bind off. Another girl came, and brought a ball of rainbow colored cotton yarn...but no needles. It seems that she didn't have any, and was unsure of where to get them. So instead she had taken two large wooden paintbrushes and sharpened the ends with a pencil sharpener. (It was creative, innovative, and worked surprisingly well. The only problem was that one brush was slightly bigger than the other, and the brushes got fatter as they neared the bristles. Not ideal, but functional.)

After approximately two hours of knitting and singing along to my American Idol I-tunes mix, both girls had made great progress on their projects, were excited about continuing, and felt confident in their own abilities. (...and had eaten through 3/4 of a box of oreos.) I gave them my standard contact info/online tutorial links/blog address and sent them on their way. I expect to see them, and their projects, at upcoming events at that branch.

Now, tonight is the first session of the felted purse Adults Get Knittin' @ the Library program. (I am a little bit nervous...but mostly just about whether or not my technology will work this time! [click here for entry on previous tech failure] I have borrowed a presentation kit from another library branch, which should work. Fingers crossed!)

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