Friday, January 1, 2010


Some of my knitting resolutions for 2010:

1. Learn to knit on double pointed needles. It doesn't matter that I love using circulars. It doesn't matter if I never use them for anything ever. Just knowing how will make me a more well rounded knitter. (Kind of like everyone should learn to drive a stick shift, even if they only ever own automatics.)

2. Finish a project before I purchase a new one.

3. Check the stash before I make a purchase.

4. Do not over commit myself with commissions, gifts, etc. and neglect my own personal pleasure knitting.

5. Post a blog entry every odd dated day. (Which I have actually been pretty good about lately!)

6. Teach an average of one person to knit per month. (This one should actually be ridiculously easy since I tend to get good turn out at my library programs.)

And other goals, that can't really be considered resolutions:

1. Look into opening an etsy store front.

2. Keep trying to possibly get published.

We'll see how these go...

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