Friday, January 29, 2010

Felted Purse Session I: Recap

The felted purse class went really well.


And the peasants rejoice!

I set the projector up in the center, with a table on either side. One of the tables had a selection of "inspirational" knitting books from the library's collection, and the other had my swift set up and samples of things I had knit. I tried to mostly use samples that were garter stitch or garter stitch variations.

There were 28 people at the one more than at the dishcloth class. One of them mentioned that a similar class was being offered at one of the local yarn shops for $60. The shop probably limits the class size as well...I doubt their teachers have more than 10 students at a time. Maybe that is why I get such a good turn isn't my sparkling personality, it's the bargain prices of, well, free!

Volunteen came again, and was a tremendous help. She has helped me out often enough that she knows my little sayings/lingos/teaching style. After my initial demonstrations, we both walk around and help individuals. Volunteen takes one side of the room, and I take the other. If she comes across someone really struggling, she gets me and switches to my side. This means that I can focus my attention on those who need it most, while she helps others with the little things. We are like a well oiled machine. (I really should get her a little something, since she does this voluntarily!)

In addition to the general public, some of my co-workers came. YaYa was there, and graciously helped me set up and clean up...even though she wasn't "on the clock". She was funny. She knew how to knit, but hadn't done it in about 20 years. But after a few stitches, it came flooding back and she was off like a shot. I guess knitting is kind of like riding a bike. You never quite forget.

I was excited by how quickly they all seemed to catch on. They were willing to branch out from the standard pattern. Some decided to make flap purses, instead of the standard one...or to try striping. The coolest innovation occurred when one student saw the bamboo drop stitch scarf I had out. She had accidentally brought non-feltable yarn, so once she had the knit stitch down she attempted the drop stitch. By the end of class, she had a good start on a scarf!

By the end of the class, EVERYONE was knitting. I made sure they all had my contact information in case they needed additional help between now and the next session. (A couple have made use of it, which I appreciate. I truly want to help them become successful knitters.) Next session they will bring back their completed pieces, and I will go over how to seam them up, felt them, and customize them.

And, not only do my students have homework...I do as well! I have between now and the end of February to finish up several more purse samples!

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