Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mad Skills

I have apparently impressed my brother with my mad knitting skills.

Last night Sis-In-Law and I were discussing some requests she has for handknits. We also talked about some of my current projects. I mentioned I was knitting earrings for Blondie.

"What? Earrings? How?" Sis-In-Law asked

"They are made out of wire and beads." I explained.

She turned to Brother. "Did you hear that? Super Knitter is knitting earrings!"

Brother looked up nonplussed. "Of course she is. She's Super Knitter. I wouldn't be surprised to hear her say she was knitting a computer." He made twiddling motions with his hands. "Knit knit knit...How much RAM did you need?"

(The only question I had was which would be easier to knit...a MAC or a PC?)

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