Sunday, October 18, 2009

They Come In Pairs

I spent the evening with Brother, Sis-In-Law, and Big Ben at a reading by one of my favorite authors.

I then took advantage of my family, by turning them into handknit couriers. I asked them to deliver a pair of burp rags I had made for a couple I know from their church.

That was when I came to a stunning realization:

I always make burp rags in pairs!

I thought back. The first burp rags I made were for AVB. I made them two. I went through everyone I have made them for...they always get two.

So, I decided to break tradition.

My nephew is going to get TWICE as many burp rags as a normal run of the mill baby! I am going to make HIM four! (In his nursery colors: orange, green, brown, and white!)

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