Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just Keep Winding

just keep winding...just keep winding, winding, winding!

1000 yards of lace weight takes FOREVER to wind on a nostepinde. (Although, I am betting it would still take a long time even if I had a mechanical ball winder.)

Total Time Elapsed, Measured in Things Viewed While Winding:

2 hours - graduate school lectures
1 hour - Castle Episode
2 hours - Biggest Loser Episode
1 hour - House Episode
1 hour - Lie to Me Episode
1 hour - NCIS Episode
1 hour - NCIS: Los Angeles Episode

9 hours total

Open message to all spinners/dyers/yarn manufacturers: If you are going to sell yarn in quantities that exceed a half mile in length, the polite thing to do is pre-ball them. Thank you.

By The Way: The yarn was some of Blue Heron Yarns' Egyptian mercerized cotton in "Deep Blue Sea" that I bought on sale when my favorite LYS in WA was going out of business.

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