Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Summer of "Me" Projects

I have finished ALL of the baby gifts that I needed to do...FINALLY!!! With the exception of possible presents for my not-yet-existent niece/nephew, I will not be making any more baby burp rags, bunny burp buddies, or dishcloths for at least 6 months!

I have made all of the class samples that I need to make for the library. And I have enough dishcloths/coffee cup cozies in the gift stash to last through the end of the year.

I can knit stuff for me now!

I can finish those scarves I started.

I can felt the Port Townsend Purse...which has been on my to do list since last August.

I can make socks!

I have a whole glorious summer stretching ahead of me. A summer with no graduate school. A summer with no moving.

A summer to knit!

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