Thursday, May 7, 2009

So Cute It Hurts

One of the seemingly zillion pregnant friends I have is Macchiato. She is an interesting friend in that we have only actually met in person twice. However, we get along splendidly and keep in touch online. Also, I taught her how to knit...and she really took off. (There is a special place in my heart for each and every one of my "disciples"!)

Anyway...Macchiato needed a baby gift. (Go figure.) And I was all prepared to do the sensible thing and make her burp rags. Burp rags are fast. Burp rags are brainless. Burp rags are what I do.

Then I found a pattern. A cute pattern. A pattern so cute it hurts. Not only is it a sweater, it is very definitely a girl sweater. I had to make it, but I had to make it for someone who would a. appreciate the work that went into it, b. like the style, and most importantly c. be having a baby GIRL.

Macchiato fit all three! So, when Single Shot is June I believe...she will be able to wear this:

I used one of my favorite yarns in a purple stonewash, and lucked out with the buttons (found them on clearance at Joann's of all places). It actually looks to me like a miniature short sleeved version almost of my February Lady sweater.

Anyway...I got it packaged up and sent off this morning. With any luck it will reach Macchiato by Mother's Day or shortly thereafter!

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