Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stitches West 2009

I went to a YARN convention yesterday with B1. It was SOOOOOOOO exciting. There was literally an entire convention center filled with yarn, books, needles, and knitters. It was like a little slice of heaven here on earth.

Frankly, my ability to talk non-knitters into going to these sorts of things astounds me. (Since, technically, I talked 2 into going. Berkeley was originally going to go with me, but then she ended up having meetings she couldn't get out of.)

B1 was suitably impressed, but confided to me that I don't exactly look "knitterish"...there were some interesting folks out and about that day. In fact, after looking at one particularly enthusiastic knitter, B1 told me that if she ever caught me dressing that way she would either disown me as a friend or lock me up somewhere. I appreciated the sentiment.

Most importantly: I completely behaved myself. I bought the yarn for B1's birthday beret...which technically doesn't count as a purchase since I have had that yarn bought and paid for mentally since her birthday in December. I also shopped for buttons for a cardigan I am working on, but didn't find any I liked.

The only other thing that I bought was a pattern, Silken Scabbard by Stitch Divas. (...and believe me this was tough since everything was so pretty, and soft, and tempting...) We walked around a corner, and I saw this sweater on a mannequin and my jaw literally dropped. I was even more excited when I looked at the pattern and saw it was a top-down, in the round, seamless construction. While the sample was knit in cashmere (mmmm...cashmere), and mine will not be for financial reasons, I still think whatever silk/wool blend I choose will make for a sumptious and gorgeous garment. I just have to finish several other things before I start, or even buy yarn, for this one.

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