Monday, February 9, 2009

I've Created a Monster

Jester has been bugging me about making her a scarf to match her birthday beret. That is fine, I did promise I would try to get to it. The thing is, that I have a lot of other things on my plate that have to take priority.

She has expressed a desire, repeatedly, to learn to knit. She even said she would come to the knitting program at the library. (Frankly, that is the only reason why I have put off teaching her in the first place. Normally the minute someone asks to learn, I am whipping out needles and yarn and foisting it upon them.) However, she is getting impatient, and said if I taught her now she would still come to the program. (I admit it, I am worried no one will come.)

Tuesday was the American Idol night at Preacher and Psych's house, and Jester was going to be there. In a rare moment of brilliance I grabbed the rest of her beret yarn and some size 13 needles. She wants a scarf to match her beret? Then fine, she can make it herself.

Here is the amazing thing: Jester has taken to knitting faster and better than anyone I have ever taught with the possible exception of NorCalGal. While her tension and stitch quality are not yet quite where NorCalGal's were after one night, she has an added disadvantage. Jester is a leftie! She didn't tell me before I started teaching her, so she learned right handed knitting. (I try to have lefties face me when I teach them and mirror my motions, rather than sit next to me and mimic them.) So, the fact that she is this good using the wrong hand boggles the mind.

She finished the scarf by Thursday or Friday, and brought it to services today. I was going to show her how to cast off, but she had left the working needle at home. I ended up casting off for her, in the church parking lot, using the needle the scarf was on and a BIC ball point pen. She is already planning on buying more yarn to make another scarf and a beanie for her boyfriend.

What have I done?

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