Saturday, April 19, 2008

These Socks Are Brought To You By The Letter M

I am very proud of these socks...I call them my Sesame Street Socks.

I have a philosophy about hand knit socks: "If I am going to take the time to make them, people are going to be able to notice them!"

The first pair of socks I made were a variegated rainbow from Regia. I had left overs...not enough to make another pair of socks, but too much to just toss out. So, when I saw the yellow yarn, also Regia, an idea began to form in my head...I would make CRAZY socks, with rainbow stripes, heel, and toe. The problem was, I only knew how to do a flap heel, and I was concerned that that would look a little funny.

So, the yarn languished in my stash for a little over a year. Then, I discovered the joy that is a short row heel! Perfect! And thus, the Sesame Street Socks were born.

(In all honesty, I think that flap heels are more comfortable than short row heels...and I have since found sock yarns that are cozier than the Regia...but these socks were not about comfort...they were about COLOR!)

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