Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Proper Send Off

NorCalGal is moving back to NorCal since her husband is getting out of the Navy.

I am sad and will miss her.

I taught her how to knit, and it was fun watching her take to it like a duck to water. (Although she refuses to learn how to purl...I am being pushed to come up with knit-stitch only projects...)
As a goodbye, we met at the Silverdale yarn shop one last time. We walked around. We squeezed the skeins. We drooled over yarn that we could not afford. We wished that we could find sock yarn in cobalt blue. (Oh wait, that was just me...) It was perfect.

I am sad and will miss her.
Did I say that already?

On the plus side, I am sending her off to Sacramento in search of new yarn shops! And when I go down there to visit her we can go to them and walk around. We can squeeze the skeins. We can drool over yarn that we cannot afford. And we can actually find sock yarn in cobalt blue!

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