Monday, March 3, 2008

Time is Relative

I spend a lot of time knitting.

A lot of time.

I am often asked how long it took me to make something. This is difficult since I am constantly knitting. I knit in the car (as a passenger, not driver). I knit on my breaks at work. I knit during conversations with friends. I knit while watching television or movies. I knit at theaters before the show starts and, depending on who I am with, during the show itself. I knit while listening to professors lecture. I knit while waiting for the kettle to boil for my tea. Working on projects in spurts makes it nearly impossible to quantify the amount of time it took.

There are a few exceptions however.

Wrist Warmers: 1 Underworld movie per warmer.
Coffee Cup Cozies: 2 episodes of Monk each.
Felted Coaster Holder: 1 Sharpe movie (I love Sean Bean)
Felted Coasters: 1 lunch break each
Lace Scarf: Bus rides and breaks of one Grad School Residency.

I choose to not view knitting as a waste of time, but as a means of maximizing the time I have been given. I am going to watch the movies, I am going to listen to the lectures, I am going to go on car trips. Knitting enables me to make the time productive.

And, isn't that what a Superknitter does? Fight for truth, justice, and the American Way?

As the good American Protestant work ethic says...idle hands are the devil's tool!


Jessica said...

I totally agree. Knitting if definitely NOT a waste of time. You need to get the book At Knit's End by the Yarn Harlot (I can't think of her real name). It's fabulous. Michael got it for me for Christmas.

Jessica said...

Oops...I didn't proof read my comment. Knitting is...not knitting if. I can't type today.

Megan said...

I do have that book...or rather Mom has it. I LOVE IT!!! Author is Stephanie Pearl McPhee...her blog is linked to the right.

knitnut said...

Great blog, Megan! Love the photo. I so admire your tenacity in finishing so many projects. I think I have second sock syndrome.....