Sunday, March 16, 2008

All Hail the Commish!

I finished another pair of wrist warmers for my co-worker, the Commissioner.

This makes 3 pairs so far.

He was the first person to ever actually commission me to knit something for him…a set of wrist warmers for his daughter.

I have had people request that I make things for them, or give me yarn and ask me to make things for them, but he was the first to actually give me cash!

I don’t particularly want to start taking a lot of commissions. One of the reasons I like to knit is that it allows me to be creative and de-stress. Deadlines and/or churning out products just doesn’t sound fun to me.

But, for the Commissioner, I will do just about anything.

(Besides…his requests are not difficult…first pair I cast on 24 stitches on size 8’s, knit in a 2x2 rib for about 6 inches, cast off 6 stitches, knit a round, cast on 6 stitches, knit for another inch and a half, cast off. This last one I did a 30 stitch cast on in a 3x2 rib just to mix things up.)

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