Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Meet my Flock

I am now a shepherdess. I have purchased two sheep named Melville and Dewey.

To be completely honest, I feel the need to confess that they are stuffed.

I got Melville at Target on an impulse. He was so wooley and soft and cute. (And a great bargain at less than $10.) I almost talked my friend into buying one too, but NorCal Gal is more practical than I am. Or rather, she is married and her husband is practical. She said he was too big. (Melville, not her husband.) Later that same day I was at Fred Meyer and saw a mini-Melville.
Same cute face, half the space. I bought one for my friend. Then, I decided that while I was at it I could always use another sheep, and thus Dewey joined the flock.
Is it technically a flock if you only have two? I would love to find a third that is either larger or smaller.

Also, it seems to me that my sheep need scarves. They are begging for hand knits. The dilemma is I am not sure what fiber to use. Would making a wool scarf for a sheep be analogous to feeding eggs to a chicken? Should I use acrylic to be safe? Perhaps a nice cotton/silk blend?

I guess I will have to sleep on it...and if I can't fall asleep, I will just count my sheep!



knitnut said...

I think a third sheep with a black nose and feet would look nice....

Mindy said...

it reminds me of Grandma and Grandpa's house with their sheep toys by the fireplace! What does Saxon think of them?