Monday, June 29, 2009

Movie Theater Dishcloth III

This is yet another easy dishcloth pattern for great brain-free movie theater knitting. It is definitely more complex than the other two, and should absolutely be cast on before the lights dim. However, unlike Movie Theater Dishcloth II, you don't need to know which row you are on since every row is the same. (And, like all dishcloths, this makes a great gift!)

Movie Theater Dishcloth III

Finished Size: 8"x8"

1 - 2 oz ball of 100% cotton worsted weight (Another great use of self striping yarn!)
1 - US size 7 circular needle (I recommend using at least a 16" since it starts out fairly long. You can switch to a shorter circular or even straights toward the end if you like.)
3 - stitch markers or bits of scrap yarn

Gauge: 20 stitches = 4 inches in garter stitch

Cast on 40 stitches. Place marker. Cast on an additional 40 stitches. Place marker. Cast on an additional 40 stitches. Place marker.Cast on an additional 40 stitches. (160 stitches total, 3 markers total.)
Every Row: [K1, K2Tog, YO, K2Tog, Knit to Marker, Slip Marker.]Repeat to end of row.
Repeat this row until there are only 4 stitches between the markers.
Finishing Row 1: [K2Tog, K2 Tog, Remove Marker.] Repeat to end of row.
Finishing Row 2: [K2 Tog.] Repeat to end of row.
Trim yarn to 12". Thread through live stitches and pull tight.
Use remaining tail to seam up the diagonal edge.
Weave in ends, block if desired, clean dirty dishes.

(This pattern is original with me, in that I haven't seen it anywhere else! It came about when I was trying to complete a set for a wedding present. I had a self striping yarn and was trying to show off the striping differently in each cloth. I had one that was diagonal, one that was mitered, one that was straight, and then tried to figure out how to do this box style!)


fthdvntr said...

Ok, granted I have not cast this on (and maybe it would start making sense if I just started working the pattern), but reading through the pattern I am confused. You work this one in the round, right? Although I don't see anything in the directions that say to join and work in the round. But if you're not working in the round, how can you pull the yarn through those last 4 stitches to finish it off, without having to sew a seam? And I don't think there was anything about switching to DPN's as you decrease, either, which it seems you would have to do. Help! Thanks in advance!

Megan Doreen said...

Actually, you don't work it in the round. You knit it back and forth. You will see that the next step after pulling the center stitches tight, is to use the tail to seam up the last diagonal. Since it is not knit in the round, you don't need to use DPNs. Does that help?

Vicky said...

Thanks for posting this pattern. I'm on my 2nd one.