Monday, November 23, 2009

Miss-A's Birthday

Miss-A is allergic to wool.

Which stinks.

I like wool.

Also, other fibers I enjoy (such as alpaca or cashmere) are still for all intents and purposes...wool.

But, Miss-A had a birthday party on Saturday. And birthdays call for handknits.

Just not wool ones!

She had seen Mama L's birthday sushi roll and thought it was funny. Her bathroom is all pumpkins...she is obsessed with pumpkins...much like I am obsessed with the color orange. Also, having been in her bathroom, I had observed sad little naked toilet paper rolls sitting on the back of her toilet. So I made her a pumpkin toilet paper roll cover!

(It is so handy that pumpkins are orange...I had plenty of yarn available in stash for this one!)

I will write up the pattern and post it at a later date.

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