Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another Midnight Showing

My friends and I went to the midnight showing of New Moon Thursday night.

There were 26 of us. Boys and girls. (Or, men and women...since we ranged in age from tween to mid 40's!) Luckily, my friends are not easily embarrassed, because I did indeed knit the entire time. In the car, in the line, in the theater, during the movie.

Last year I worked on my Twilight scarf at the Twilight midnight showing. This year I wore my Twilight scarf to the New Moon midnight showing.

The projects of the evening were:
1. Beret pour Moi, which was small and portable, but required some attention to be paid to it. I worked on this one in the car and then while waiting in line. Unfortunately, I messed up in one of the stitch repeats, and finding the error and unknitting was going to require too much attention be paid to my hands and not my friends, so I went on to my back up project.

2. Lacy Lady Scarf, which was larger, still portable, and brain-free. I worked on this one the rest of the time in line, and then in the dark DURING the movie. I didn't need to look at what I was doing. Also, I was sitting by the time the project grew to the point of being slightly unweildy.

The movie was good. The knitting was productive.

...and thankfully I was off work the next day, so I got to sleep in!

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