Saturday, March 5, 2011


YaYa decided to throw a baby shower for Miss A on the Sunday of New Year's weekend...and asked if there was anyway I could come out for it. I called my parents. I called my not parents. I bought a plane ticket. The plan was for me to cut my trip to WA a few days short and fly down to CA for the last weekend of my vacation.

The shower was being held at the library. It was SO much fun to see everybody again, and Miss A was very very surprised.

I knit a little baby cardigan for Wild Thing, her soon to arrive son. I made it out of navy blue cotton, and added little wooden toggle buttons. (Miss A appreciated the button's Paddington Bear vibe.)

Hopefully the sweater will fit Wild Thing before it gets too hot for him to wear it!

(By the way...that is Candid in the picture with Miss A...)

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