Sunday, August 1, 2010

SuperKnitter Relocated

I have been on internet silence for about a month now. I do have a good excuse.

I have moved. 2000 some odd miles I've moved!

I was offered my dream job at the university where I earned my undergraduate degree.

So I left California for...TEXAS!!!

I now live in Middle of Nowhere, West Texas...and couldn't be happier!

I should have a lot more time on my hands, since I finally finished graduate school. When I am done with work for the day, I won't have any homework to do...what to do? what to do?

Knit, perchance?

1 comment:

Peter and Anne said...

No way! I've been following your blog because I just started knitting a few months ago. On Friday I'm moving to Midland TX, which definitely qualifies as "middle of nowhere west Texas"!