Sunday, March 21, 2010

Homeless No More

You may recall that I knit myself a lovely sweater last spring using the February Lady pattern.

I loved it.

I loved the color.

I loved the buttons.

I loved the stitch pattern.

...I did not love the fit.

The transition between the garter stitch yoke and the gull lace peplum skirt hit me in exactly the wrong place. I tried to ignore it. I tried to wear it anyway. I loved it so.

Alas, it was not meant to be.

I tried to give the sweater to Mom when she visited me a month or so ago. It fit her better than it fit me, but wasn't exactly her style aesthetic. She was honest. Said it was lovely. But she probably wouldn't wear it.

I sent it to WA with her for Aunt #2 to try, since she wore that style of sweater. She had the same fit problem I had, so Mom brought it back down last week.

I was determined that the sweater should find a home.

Enter Miss-A. Miss-A has a couple of sweaters that are similar in style to the February Lady. She looks lovely in lilacs and lavenders. She appreciates the effort and time involved in hand knitting. AND, we are built differently. It was the ideal solution. I would give the sweater to Miss-A!

There was only one tiny problem. I knit the February Lady out of Cascade 220 wool. Miss-A is allergic to wool.

I bemoaned the fact that she had such an unfortunate allergy. She asked which sweater I was referring to. I told her. She said she could make it work. (Since it is a cardigan with a scoop neck, she can wear it over another top and prevent any itchy/rashy reactions!)

I brought it into work. IT FIT HER!!!!!

I think she looks divine!

And the sweater now has a happy and appreciative home!

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