Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Taking Orders

I had a party a little over a week ago after church on Sunday night. All of the young people, and some not as young people, came over to play games and eat food. It was a holiday weekend, so none of the kids had school the next day.

As we were all sitting around on the sectional and couches chatting, I pulled out my always-near-to-hand current knitting project. (If I remember correctly it was the 2 row Noro Stripe Scarf.) All of a sudden one of the guys, BigOne, piped up that if I wanted I could make him a scarf.

"Oh really?"
"Yeah. I'll even let you make me an orange one!"
"Construction Cone orange?"
"And you'll wear this?"

The next thing I knew requests were flying at me from all of the guys in the room. It seems that, while I have been very good about giving the gals birthday handknits, the guys were feeling neglected. I ended up grabbing a small legal pad and writing down names and projects on a handy little list. By the time I got through everyone, BigOne had changed his choice from an orange scarf to a more manly ski cap. In fact, most of the requests were for ski caps in VERY blah colors: black, blue, grey, etc. At least ski caps are fast!

Anyone else have an order?

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