Saturday, December 20, 2008

Second Hat Syndrome

There is a baby board book that I absolutely adore. It is called Urban Babies Wear Black. When I found out that my hairstylist was expecting, I knew I just had to buy it for her. Since I have spent a lot of time knitting in her salon's waiting area, and in her chair, I knew she also needed a hand knit baby gift. Inspired by the book itself, I decided to make a black baby beanie. (Generally speaking, baby knits are pastels or was actually quite difficult to find nice cushy soft dk yarn in black!)

There was just one there always is with my knitting attempts...Hairstylist was having twins! That meant 2 baby hats, because while I could and do expect them to share one copy of the book, I couldn't very well expect them to share one hat!

I will be going home for Christmas, so I made a hair appointment for while I am there. (Hairstylist is the sweetest person in the world, she is actually coming into the shop the day after Christmas just for me! I do not deserve her! Although, granted, I do travel hundreds of miles so that she can still do my hair, so some accommodation can be expected.) I plan on giving her the baby gift then as a part-congratulations-part-Christmas present.

I ordered the book online and it has already been delivered to parents' house. I have even finished one hat. It is adorable. But I just can't seem to get around to finishing the second hat. It is worse than socks. When I knit socks I either use exciting yarn or do a fun stitch pattern. The hat is a plain, and boring, 2x2 rib, and it is solid black. I did cast on the second hat, and I even knit most of it. I am actually all the way to the decreases. I just can't get motivated. I have cast on three scarves and a sock since starting this hat, and I am running out of time.

Here's hoping for motivation or a miracle in which the hat knits itself!

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